Private Money Lenders

With the changing markets, California is ripe with opportunities for real estate investors. As the many advantages offered by private money lending versus traditional loans become more well-known and widely accepted, more investors are exploring the exceptional profit opportunities from residential real estate.

There are clear benefits in dealing with private money lenders versus banks for the financial backing necessary in investing in properties with good return potential. As a California private money lender, By The Beach Capital Group can offer terms that easily outmatch interest rates offered by public lenders, especially for residential real estate.

By The Beach Capital Group offers innovative financing dependent on certain conditions. Upon meeting these specified requirements, investors will have access to sizeable loans on equitable terms. Other lending institutions, from banks to mortgage companies and to credit unions, do not and cannot provide these same advantages that we can for rehab investment properties. By The Beach Capital Group can offer a 65% or higher loan-to-value (LTV) for a term of nine months to two years.  With a meticulously constructed investment plan and a partnership with us, investors’ profits can reach significant profit levels.

As private money lenders, By The Beach is giving investors access to real advantage in the real estate market. With a high number of non-owner occupied investment properties, California is shaping up to be a fertile area for real estate rehabilitation ventures.  With private hard money backing, real estate investors can set their investment plans quickly and minus the long processing periods standard in banks and traditional lending institutions.