Privacy Policy

This privacy statement is put in place to formalize By The Beach Capital Group, L.L.C.’s (BTB) unwavering and continuous aim to protect the integrity of the personal information of those who visit and interact with our website. The privacy of your personal data is our first priority. Below are the details of our website information collection and distribution practices for your perusal.

We acknowledge the need to protect your privacy and the policy is intended to help you understand the way we gather, utilize, and protect the information that you give us as well as to provide you with the tools to make an informed decision when visiting the BTB site. The policy will be continually updated in accordance with the emergence of new business practices, novel technologies, and customer requirements.

What data do we gather?

Each time you come to the BTB web site you may be giving us the following information: web site use information which accumulates every time you visit the site and personal information that we may solicit from you which you provide knowingly and voluntarily.

  1. Personal information you opt to disclose

Registration data

We may ask you for contact and other information when you choose to avail of any of our newsletters, services, or products through a registration process.


You may prefer to contact us via email, at which point we may preserve your email address and the contents of your email, including our own responses. We impose the same safeguards for these electronic means of communication that we use in preserving the confidentiality of any other type of correspondences such as that by telephone or mail.

  1. Website use data

We use “cookies” (see explanation below) and web server log files to track how visitors use the BTB web site. These are standard technologies that are used in most commercial websites. The data gathered through these means typically include pages visited, dates and times of visit, length of the visit, and other web sites visited immediately preceding and succeeding the visit to our web site.

What is the purpose of the information we gather?

Generally, the information we gather when you visit the website is used to provide data regarding administration of the business, requested products and services, payment processing, service usage monitoring, marketing and promotion effectiveness, improvement of our customer’s experience, customization of our user interface, and other lawful considerations. The information enables us to become more proactive in meeting your needs and improving the BTB website.

In addition, web site use information may be shared with third parties in appropriate and lawful circumstances. Sensitive information that may serve to identify the website user will not be so used unless the law requires it.

In some instances, we may need to use the personal data we have gathered to inform you about modifications done to the web site, special offers, and services that you may not be aware of and would most likely be interested in. At any time you may request us not to send you these types of information by simply sending us an email at the link included in the newsletter.

Explaining cookies

“Cookies” are very small text files that typically include anonymous identifiers unique to a website. When you go to most commercial web sites, the site’s server will request permission from your computer to save this file in a section of the hard drive reserved specifically for storing cookies. If the browser’s setting allows it, the web site can then send its cookies to your computer’s hard drive. The website can access its cookies but not cookies from other sites. The browser can be set to refuse cookies, but this may disable some user functions on our site. A cookie will not carry a virus or be used to retrieve data from your computer.

What information can we gather from cookies and how are they used?

The cookie allows our web site to recognize that you have visited before and contains information that will distinguish you from other visitors. Cookies can also spare you the necessity of logging in each time you visit BTB but while we can access our cookies to do this, it will not provide us with any personal information it may contain. We also do not intentionally keep any personal information that your browser may have encoded in the cookies.

We also use cookie information in tandem with our server’s log files to find out how many people visit our site and which pages are the most visited. This will help us improve the site and your browsing experience.

IP Address

The Internet Protocol (IP) address is a string of numbers used by your computer each time you connect to the Internet, which helps other computers on a network to identify your computer. Our web server routinely collects the IP addresses of all visitors as part of what is known as traffic data, referring to user profile and demographic information. This enables allows our server to send relevant data to you, such as requested web pages.

Sale and allocation of information

We keep unique identifiers of a subscriber strictly confidential, and will not lend, lease, share or sell any of this information to a third party except when it is required to process a transaction or provide a service that you request.

Can I access and correct a my information?

You have the right to ask to see the information we have gathered about you that may be used to identify you; you simply have to request it using the email provided on the site or in our newsletter.

What if Information Disclosure is required by Law?

If information needs to be disclosed as required by law we will do so; in effect, when we in good faith are convinced that the law requires that we disclose information or we have to do so for our own legal protection. We will also use this information as needed to identify, contact, or file legal actions against any individual who may be in violation with our published Terms of Service or to ensure the safety of the public.

What of other websites linked to our site?

We deny any responsibility for the content or information gathering and dissemination practices of web sites linked to our website or those we link to as these links are often placed exclusively for informational purposes only.

Note that when you click on a link on our web site which brings you to another site, this Privacy Policy is no longer applicable. Any actions or interactions that you make on a web site outside the BTB web site are governed by its own policies and terms of agreement. It would be advisable to avail yourself of this information before using the web site.


By using the BTB website you tacitly consent to our information gathering and use of your personal and other information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. We retain the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at our discretion without notice.

Data security

Your information will be stored in our computers physically located in the United States of America and as such is subject to US laws regarding the treatment of personal data. This may be less stringent than the laws that are in effect in your country of citizenship or residence. To avert unlawful access, preserve accuracy, and guarantee appropriate use of the data we have collected online, we have installed the appropriate safety and security measures including electronic, managerial and physical procedures.

Opt-in or -out

You can choose to unsubscribe from the BTB website at any time to discontinue receiving messages and notifications in the future. Upon doing so, we will process the request and stop sending messages as soon as technically possible.

Contests and surveys

Occasionally we will request our users to join contests or answer surveys which will provide us with additional information. There is no compulsion to participate in any of these activities; it is strictly voluntary. The information solicited may include contact information such as a physical location and demographics such as age range. The contact information requested in contests is typically used to inform those who may be eligible to receive prizes. Survey data will be used to further improve the BTB site or to monitor its use.

Age restrictions

Children under the age of 14 may not use this site without adult supervision and should not submit personal data even when solicited. You may use the site if you are 14 years old or younger if you have the permission of a parent or guardian and supervised while doing so.

Changes in ownership

In case the BTB website is acquired in whole or substantial part by another party, the information we have gathered thus far will be included in this acquisition and rights of ownership will thus be handed over.

Policy changes

It is possible that the terms of this Private Policy may change on occasion. If and when modifications are made, we will inform users that have provided us with their email addresses. These changes will be posted so you may check it from time to time. Nevertheless, any changes in this Privacy Policy will not be materially different with regard to how we use your personal information without first obtaining your consent.