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Investing is something that anybody can do, but not everybody can do it well. It all depends on what basket you put your eggs in. You want to grow your money without being afraid of taking a loss. You can do the latter by putting your money in a savings account, but you won’t be doing the former. What you want is solid returns on investment with manageable risk, and you can do that by investing in private money lending. A yield of 10% or more is typical, and the risks are low when you choose the right company to put your money in.

At BTB Capital Group, we focus primarily on the growth of your capital by fostering long-term investment relationships. We accomplish this by exercising due diligence, risk analysis and strategic assessments.

Private money lending is essentially a trust-your-gut-feeling business, so you want a company that has the experience and knowledge to make the leap from the intuitive to the intelligent. BTB Capital Group has the track record proving that it has no problem making smart investment decisions that pays off and benefits our investors as well as our portfolio.

We take pride in making deals we have faith in. You can be assured that our principals have a disciplined approach and commitment to excellence because they also invest their own money in BTB Capital Group alongside its investors.


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