Hard Money Lenders South Carolina

Hard Money Lenders Offer South Carolina Investors an Open Opportunity

Quicklist of BTB Capital Lending Criteria:

  • 65% LTV or sometimes even higher depending on the deal…
  • We can lend on the ARV (after repair value) and setup draws for the investor to complete the rehab job – If the deal is good some investors can, by using the above method, purchase an investment property for rehab without coming up with any money out of pocket
  • We prefer to do non-owner occupied investment properties, residential 1-4 units, we will look at all residential and commercial deals
  • We can collateralize other properties
  • We use licensed brokers, service companies, title companies, and attourneys
  • We like to do short term loans from 9months to 2-years interest only
  • We prefer to work with experienced investors, but we will entertain any deal as long as the numbers work
  • We focus on South Carolina, Charleston County, Myrtle Beach, Greenville but we can also do business in other areas if the numbers work.
  • Appraisals or BPO – Broker price opinion required, but we can work from ARV


Hard money lenders offer an investment opportunity to real estate investors through private lending.  A hard money loan differs from a bridge loan in the sense that it is an asset-based loan intended for residential property rather than commercial property.  These properties could be facing stressful financial situations such as bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings.  Private lending agencies in South Carolina can provide these loans to potential investors, allowing for a mutually beneficial investment opportunity.A hard money loan will be based on a certain percentage of quick-sale value for residential property.  Hard money lenders in South Carolina can offer up to a 65% LTV.  The loan-to-value ratio is generally between 60 and 70% of residential market value defined by the current purchase price for the property.  Though the interest rate is high, this still leaves a significant margin for profit that investors can ideally take advantage of.With the real estate market in its current state, hard money lenders are offering high-risk loans to qualified investors.  As trends move upward, this shows a benefit for both sides.  The lender and borrower will form a fruitful business relationship.  Investors are able to purchase a rehab property without any out-of-pocket expense.  The investor can then renovate a given number of properties to their advantage and pay off the loan.  Done properly, the investor should come out with a reasonably significant investment return.  For residential loans from SC hard money lenders, ideally the properties will not be owner-occupied at the time that the loan is made.  This would offer potential for up to six residential properties with the possibility for larger commercial deals.


These are short-term loans using licensed brokers and attorneys to keep all transactions financially clean.  The ideal term of the loan would range between six months and two years.  With a good business proposal, the numbers all adding up, virtually any investor can qualify.  Experienced investors are preferred and generally hold the advantage.  A broker price opinion is required, but South Carolina area hard money lenders can work with ARV.  This is a wide-open investment opportunity for contractors, businesses, and individuals with the means to rehabilitate properties and promote a rapid turn-around of the properties.South Carolina hard money lenders have the investor’s interests in mind.  The investment opportunity and the loan will be clearly defined from the start.

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