Private Money Lenders

With the changing markets, California is ripe with opportunities for real estate investors. As the many advantages offered by private money lending versus traditional loans become more well-known and widely accepted, more investors are exploring the exceptional profit opportunities from residential real estate.

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Hard Money Loans

When your project or business needs a cash infusion quickly, when your credit won’t qualify you for a traditional loan, or when you have a time-sensitive transaction to close, these are the situations where hard money loans are most needed.

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Hard Money Funding

The lending environment, as we knew it, has been forever changed; this is in great part due to the sudden decline in the real estate market. The impact of this change has affected the current state of the economy and will shape its future.

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What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is an asset-based loan meant for real estate financing. When conventional loans are not an option due to time constraints or low credit rating, private lending can provide the key to securing real estate investments. By The Beach Capital Group is one such private lending organization, providing hard money loans to investors for properties in distressed financial conditions, such as impending foreclosure or bankruptcy. We partner with investors for mutually beneficial investment ventures.